A guide on How to Buy Travel Insurance in India

Traveling involves many unforeseen circumstances like flight delays, lost luggage, or medical issues. This guide will help you understand the importance of travel insurance in India, types of policies, top insurance providers, purchasing options, and the claims process so you can select the right coverage for stress-free trips.

Importance of Travel Insurance

Key reasons to buy travel insurance:

1.       Medical emergencies – Covers hospitalization and treatment costs abroad

2.       Trip delays/cancellation – Reimburses prepaid travel costs if your trip is interrupted

3.       Lost luggage – Provides compensation for lost, damaged, or delayed baggage

4.       Flight accidents – Offers complete protection against accidents and injuries

5.       Personal liability – Covers legal costs if a third party is accidentally hurt or property damaged

6.       Emergency assistance – Provides 24/7 emergency helpline access abroad

Types of Travel Insurance

Common policies to consider:

Medical Insurance

Covers hospitalization, OPD treatment, and repatriation for illnesses/injuries during trips.

Trip Cancellation

Reimburses prepaid, non-refundable trip expenses in the event of cancellation.

Lost Baggage

Provides compensation for checked-in baggage lost, damaged, or delayed by the airline.

Flight Delay

Offers coverage for food, accommodations if your flight is delayed over set time periods.

Factors to Consider

Elements determining your ideal coverage:

1.       Trip duration – Multi-trip annual plans or single short-term plans

2.       Destinations – Domestic or overseas locations

3.       Age – Plans for individuals, couples, families, seniors

4.       Pre-existing conditions – Any medical conditions to be covered

5.       Adventure activities – Specialized plans if partaking in high-risk activities

Top Insurance Providers in India

Leading travel insurance companies include:

Tata AIG Travel Insurance

Offers comprehensive plans plus specialized adventure sports packages.

Bajaj Allianz Travel Insurance

Top choice for overseas coverage with value-added benefits.

HDFC ERGO Travel Insurance

Affordable plans from trusted financial services provider HDFC.

ICICI Lombard Travel Insurance

Tailored plans for individuals, families, students and seniors.

Care Travel Insurance

Known for seamless claims support and customized benefit options.

Purchase Options

You can buy travel insurance online in India through:

1.       Directly from insurer – Visit company website or office to purchase coverage.

2.       Insurance aggregators – Platforms like PolicyBazaar allow multi-insurer comparison.

3.       Travel agents – Many provide insurance policies along with booking flights and hotels.

4.       Banks – Some banks offer integrated insurance coverage along with travel credit cards.

Compare policies across providers to get the best coverage and pricing.

Claims Process

To make a travel insurance claim:

  • Notify provider of claim via call center or online portal within defined time limits
  • Submit all required documentation as per policy guidelines
  • Cooperate with insurance provider’s investigation procedures if required
  • Settle any excess payment if applicable
  • Receive claim payment after processing and approval
  • Most providers settle claims within 10 business days if all documentation is in order.

Add-On Covers

In addition to core policies, supplemental add-ons provide enhanced protection:

1.    Adventure sports – Covers high-risk activities like bungee jumping, scuba diving, snow sports

2.    COVID-19 cover – Provides coverage for coronavirus-related trip cancellations, treatment costs

3.    Emergency hotel extension – Pays for longer hotel stays due to medical quarantine or flight delays

4.    Home burglary – Offers protection against home theft/damage while traveling

5.    Gadget protection – Covers loss or damage to laptops, phones, cameras during trips

6.    Missed connections – Reimburses extra costs if you miss pre-booked connecting transport

7.    Personal accident – Extra coverage for accidental death, disability or burns


Common exclusions in travel insurance policies:

  • Pre-existing medical conditions
  • Adventure sports unless specially covered
  • Expensive items like jewelry
  • Non-emergency or cosmetic treatments
  • Alcohol/drug related claims
  • Mental health issues
  • Read policy documents carefully to be aware of exclusions.

Tips for Overseas Travel

Additional tips for traveling overseas:

  • Carry insurance proof and emergency helplines at all times
  • Check claim processing language – English or local language
  • Arrange coverage for all Schengen countries if traveling across Europe
  • Extend or renew policy if trip gets extended unexpectedly
  • Keep insurance provider updated on significant travel delays or changes

Senior Citizen Travel Insurance

Ideal features for senior travel insurance:

  •  Lower waiting periods for pre-existing disease claims
  •  No upper age cap on renewals
  •  Higher medical expense coverage
  •  Emergency evacuation coverage
  • Dedicated claim assistance


With unpredictable situations that may arise during trips, travel insurance provides valuable protection and peace of mind. Assess your specific needs, research top providers, and select comprehensive coverage so you can travel stress-free knowing you are protected against emergencies. Safe travels!

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