The Importance of Author Branding: Designing a Consistent Book and Website Identity

You can write, and you can write extraordinarily well. People around you have been telling you to become a writer all your life. Well, there is no shame in trying your limits. You finally start writing a book and even complete it. Whoa! That is an amazing talent to have.

But we want you to hold your horses and ponder why anyone would want to read your book. They don’t know you; besides, avid readers are quite picky. Why would they bother picking up a book from the shelf that no one knows about?

Here comes the importance of branding and having a great website identity.

Whether it is a book or any other great product in the world which needs to be sold, it requires a brand. Because with brand comes trust. Say, for instance, you are book hunting, and you come across an unpopular UK book publishers by none other than Bloomsbury Publishing. Instead of avoiding it, you might give it a chance by reading its synopsis. And if you like the genre, you probably end up buying it.

But on the contrary, if you encounter a book being published by some unrecognizable publisher, you would certainly put it back without even considering giving it a chance. This is exactly what role branding your identity plays in helping the buyer as well as the seller.

Now, back to the point, if you want your book to be on the high spot, then you must make your marque known. If you don’t know how to do this, we suggest you give this blog a read. Below, we have listed the impact of author branding and how it helps your books attract more attention.

What Is “Author Branding” And How Website Identity & Designing Book Covers Are Related?

Many people tend to believe that a brand is just a catchy logo filled with flamboyant pigments. But just the reverse, it is so much more than that. Author branding helps your audience discover that you are the right fit to help them face their challenges. It revolves around how you present yourself, what others think of you, and the values as well as the morals you have as a person.

For instance, what is the one thing that comes to your mind when we say the name J.K Rowling? Correct, Harry Potter, our most favorite house-elf Dobby, and our favourite bookworm Hemione Granger, magical Hogwarts, and the enchanting Diagon Alley. This world-famous author’s brand resonates with fantasy.

On the contrary, what comes to your mind if we talk about Nicholas Sparks? Long winter nights, romantic tales of heartbreak. Oh, the tears we have shed while reading his masterpieces. This author’s brand focuses on romance. Got the point now?

If you are having difficulty selecting a proper way to convey your book theme, you can always opt for Video book trailers. These mini trailers help the audience know your book’s category.

Now that you have the gist of what this term means read below. As we have discussed the importance of author branding by designing your website identity below. Let us get going.

An Ultimate Guide To Designing A Website Identity

Keep Your Fonts Simple: Just as important as it is to keep your brand theme uniform, it is equally crucial to use the same fonts throughout your site. Be sure to use simple yet engaging fonts to keep the audience hooked.

Don’t go overboard with using curvy or creative fonts. Such typography can be difficult to read, let alone does not let the readers concentrate on what you are trying to tell. Instead, keep them simple enough to let your audience concentrate on your message rather than on your typography.

Roll With Your Colour Palette: Once you have identified your brand, we suggest you choose a colour palette accordingly. Here is a suggestion for you: if you want to focus on the fantasy genre, then make use of funky and bright colors. But if you want romance to be your trademark, then go for the pink or red category. Similarly, black or grey for thrillers, white for crimes, etc.

If your expertise lies in writing books for children, the best way to let the parents know whether they are appropriate for their child to read or not is by having Book trailers for kids on your website. Keep the colour palette striking to perfectly grab the attention of the kids.

Harness The Power Of Whitespace: While you want every nook and cranny to radiate your brand’s vibe, we suggest you leave sufficient white space on your websites. By doing so, your audience will receive your message more conveniently. It is proved that this design technique increases the attention span of viewers by up to 20 per cent.

If you want to have an idea of how to design your website with the correct colour palette and sufficient white space, we suggest you look at the websites of famous authors to get the gist better.

Add Personal Details: Instead of designing your website identity solely as a marketing hub, we recommend you give it a personal touch. Add your picture, a short summary, your goals, and a message for your readers.

If you have written multiple books, you can also add some of your Best book trailer for the audience to become more aware of your work.

Accent Your Content With Images: Another way of letting your audience know your brand better is by adding relevant graphics or pictures to your website. Just make sure not to go overboard with them. Your pictures must not overshadow the message of your brand. If you want to add images to your website, we suggest you keep in mind your brand theme.

Consistency Is The Key: From major elements to tiny details, every aspect of your website identity screams to let the readers know what to expect from your brand. Keep everything in check. If the navigation and everything else is easy, the readers will automatically begin to trust your work based only on your website. This is the power a strong website holds over an author’s brand. Remain consistent, and make sure to keep the quality of your work as high as possible.

Final Words: It Is A Smart Move To Brand Yourself By Designing Your Website Effectively

By reading this blog, we are sure you are now familiar with how website identity helps in your branding. Branding helps you get a better reach to your target audience. Hence, with a little effort, you can go a long way.

You can easily make your brand voice loud and clear by keeping simple fonts. Adding personal details, and selecting the appropriate colour palette. Hence, by following the above-given tips, you can make your website emanate your brand message loud and clear.

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