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It’s difficult to find a reputable online cockfighting address in Vietnam, but not the traditional form. Because this is considered a form of betting and is not allowed by our country’s law. Emerging as the inevitable solution, Live cockfighting At hii88 site, a vast world of entertainment opens up. Hundreds of matches held every day are waiting for you.

Thomo live cockfighting updated every day

Live cockfighting is reported from international cockfighting arenas with professional organization. Interesting details will be won by the house Hi88 provide. Thomo cockfighting matches are fiery and dramatic, promising that the cockfighters will not be able to take their eyes off until the last minute. Please follow along to receive good bets.

Thomo cockfighting and Cambodian cockfighting are livestreamed on entertainment site Hi88 every day, from Monday to Sunday. Bookmaker Hi88 has joined hands with many large cockfighting arenas in Cambodia to receive the copyright to broadcast cockfighting matches every day.

There’s no reason to sweat and put in effort all the way to Cambodia just to watch a few cockfights and then return home. With just a moment of opening your phone and accessing bookmaker Hi88, you can watch endless exciting fights from the mighty fighters all day long.
Chickens are trained in harsh environments to have muscular, toned bodies. In addition, cockmasters often give trial matches to improve their fighting skills before stepping onto the floor of life and death.

Top Thomo live cockfighting at Hi88

With live cockfights being the choice of many people, the matches are live in real time and replayed on the Hi88 site.

Thomo live cockfighting is broadcast from the latest cockfights. This place not only gathers good cockfighting matches, but it also collects many fragrant bets for you to choose from.

The gamer’s entertaining moments will be truly valuable when each match only lasts 5 – 10 minutes. During this short period of time, the best skills will be displayed by the fighting cocks. From the experience of probing opponents, feints, kicks, etc., he cannot be faulted.

The most classy live cockfighting genres

Visit the Hi88 website, you will be able to choose bets from 3 categories: Iron spur cockfighting, Dao spur cockfighting and blow cockfighting.


No longer unfamiliar to our country’s chickens, these breeds of chickens have the advantage of strength and good reaction ability. In addition, the flexible body helps increase combat ability, creating many eye-catching fighting styles.

Live cockfighting is quite popular with cockfighters. Because of the simple gameplay, players make money and spend the remaining time watching the chickens compete. If you win, money will flow to your account immediately.
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Cockfighting with iron spurs

Instead of real bets, players will be placed on their feet to fight. The damage of this type of spur is extremely high, sometimes it only takes one hit to hit the target to decide the outcome of the match. Due to the danger, fighting cocks must be carefully selected. Perfection is shown from skills, tactics, to agility. 

If you want to choose a good cock, you must pay attention to the following characteristics:

  • Choose a chicken breed that is not too heavy and exudes elegance and agility.
  • The body size of a quality fighting cock is quite long so it can attack opponents easily.
  • Firm muscles, looking at it you can see health.
  • Chicken legs absolutely cannot be short, but also not too long.
  • The right thigh is big because this position supports stronger, more accurate kicks.
  • Wide feet and long toes are also a priority. Thinner soles are better, as they balance better.

Knife cockfighting

Before entering the ring, the cocks are fitted with sharp knife spurs. The damage caused by this form is even greater than cockfighting with iron spurs. Because if it is hit by a powerful kick from its opponent, the chicken will be exposed to serious health dangers. Only tough chickens can be brave enough to enter the cage to fight.

For those who like this entertainment but don’t have much time, live cockfighting is a good choice. Each match only takes 1-2 minutes to complete a bet. In this way, cockers can participate in dozens of games every day.

What’s great is only for those who have real live cockfighting experience, thousands of players are participating in entertainment and making profits every day at Hi88 cockfighting. If you want to be next, register for a bookie account immediately.

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