Price of the iPhone 6s in Dubai: A Look at Value and Affordability

Despite being many years old, people in Dubai and all over the world still choose the iPhone 6s. Its ongoing appeal is a result of its dependability, performance, and seamless integration with the Apple ecosystem. We’ll examine the iPhone 6s price in Dubai in this post and determine whether it still represents a decent value.

Review of the iPhone 6s

The iPhone 6s was upgraded from the iPhone 6 when it was released in 2015. It added 3D Touch, a more sophisticated A9 chip, and enhanced camera performance. These improvements have helped the product stay current in the changing smartphone industry. iPhone 6s price Dubai can vary.

Prices in Dubai range

In Dubai, there are many online and offline outlets offering the iPhone 6s. Depending on the storage capacity, whether it is sold as part of a bundle with accessories or warranty packages. It also includes other factors, the cost of a brand-new iPhone 6s ranges from AED 800 to AED 1,200.

The 16GB model is the least expensive choice; 64GB and 128GB variants often cost more. Also, whether the gadget is new, refurbished, or old, its condition can affect the cost. To save money, some users choose refurbished or used devices. Prices can vary like in bicycle stores.

What Makes the iPhone 6s Popular in 2023?


One of the iPhone 6s’ most important benefits is that it is priced. The iPhone 6s offers a more affordable option in the market.


Even for routine tasks like browsing, social networking, and email, the A9 CPU and 2GB of RAM deliver a fluid user experience. Even though it may not have the same lightning-fast speeds as more recent iPhones, it is still more than adequate for most consumers.

iOS Updates

The iPhone 6s was still receiving iOS updates. As older devices may approach the end of their update cycle, it’s imperative to confirm the current state of software support.

Compact Design

Compared to the larger and heavier handsets already on the market, some people favor the iPhone 6s’ more compact form factor. With one hand, its 4.7-inch display is still usable.

Quality Camera 

The iPhone 6s camera can still take respectable pictures and movies for social media sharing and personal recollections.

Access to the Apple Ecosystem

The seamless integration of the iPhone 6s with other Apple goods makes it a desirable choice for individuals. It is desirable for those who have already invested in the Apple ecosystem by purchasing items. These items include the MacBook, iPad, or Apple Watch.

Factors to Consider Before Buying

Think about the following before buying an iPhone 6s in Dubai or anywhere else:

Battery Life

The battery life of older iPhone devices may have declined. If required, have a spare battery on hand.


Since the iPhone 6s lacks expandable storage, pick the size that best meets your needs.


Verify the terms and conditions of the device’s warranty, as well as whether one is offered at all. For a fee, certain retailers could provide extended warranties.

iOS Support 

Verify that the device is still eligible for iOS updates to guarantee continuing software compatibility and security.


Consider the condition of the accessories that are already there and whether similar accessories are available in Dubai.


For individuals looking for an Apple product with a track record of dependable performance, the iPhone 6s in Dubai offers a cost-effective and useful solution. Even though it doesn’t have the newest features and specifications. It can still meet the needs of many customers, especially those who value affordable options. But due to its age, it is necessary to assess the advantages and disadvantages and take into account things. It is like battery life and software support before making a buying decision.

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