Spin Super Unique And Interesting New88 Dark Force Slot

Spin the Dark Force slot Inspired by the familiar slot machine version. Gamers participating in the game will have the opportunity to experience exciting moments of entertainment and earn real money. If you want to win jackpot to your wallet in a few games, please read the information immediately Nhà cái New88 Share now!

What is the Dark Force jar explosion?

Dark Force is an attractive slots game, loved by many bettors recently. The game has simple rules and ways to participate, so anyone can conquer it easily. If you are lucky enough to win this interesting game, bettors will have the opportunity to win a huge amount of prize money.

Spin the Dark Force slot Officially launched in 2019, it has now been more than 4 years since its launch with an increasingly large number of gamers. The game is built based on the extremely famous hit movie Star War. Each brother participating in the game will enjoy a dramatic, magical feeling.

In this new slot game, there are a series of unique symbols such as robots, soldiers, spaceships or Kylo Ren, etc. Furthermore, thanks to the combination of 5 columns and 8 rows, gamers will be able to Join the space with up to 40 exciting betting boxes.

In addition to conquering the huge jackpot bonus fund, players also have the opportunity to receive countless valuable prizes. At the same time, there are side games that play fighting style with equally attractive betting levels.

Instructions for spinning the Dark Force slot from a – z

If you want to have fun playing the game Dark Force, bettors need to equip the following information:

Dark Force interface

First, you need to clearly understand the interface of this interesting game. In particular, the game has up to 40 symbol boxes instead of 15 – 20 boxes like other lots games. Thanks to the diverse symbol grid and many links, bettors’ chances of winning are increased.

Featured on the interface Spin the Dark Force slot are ship compartments, with specific icons displayed in the center of the screen. On the right side of the screen is the “Play” command to start playing, the bet levels increase or decrease the bet. The left side displays the total value of the jackpot, the amount in the wallet and the amount won in the game.

Icon “?” will provide bettors with specific rules and regulations for playing the game. The “lightning bolt” symbol is a spin acceleration feature that helps you save time hunting for prizes.

Rules of the Dark Force slot

The game is based on determining fixed payment lines to reward winning members. Participants need to spin the prize so that symbols appear on the pay line/ 40 symbol boxes. The number of symbols that need to match is 3 – 5, the alignment direction is from left to right.

Each of these symbols will correspond to a separate reward level, the system will directly convert and return to the player. The player’s bonus amount will be calculated by the product of the payout coefficient along with the bet amount entered.

Special features when spinning the Dark Force slot

The unique point that creates the appeal of the game Divine Power is because of its many new features. You can pay attention to the special mechanisms below when participating in reward hunting.

Free spins

Scatter – Is the symbol of free spins. If you accumulate 3 – 5 Scatter symbols, it will be exchanged for the corresponding number of free spins according to specific regulations. This spin can be accumulated and prioritized while you play.

Universal symbol

Wild – The universal symbol will help you replace all other symbols when playing the game. If Wild appears, bettors will have the opportunity to create many consecutive wins Spin the Dark Force slot.

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Bonus game

Players who spin 6 Kylo Ren symbols will have a chance to receive a super valuable game bonus. In it, there will be a Power Up icon corresponding to super powers in the universe. It is used to improve many different aspects such as power, lightning,… contributing to opening up opportunities to win.

Power Up can also cause more horizontal lines to appear. Because the winning lines do not change, gamers can receive more money.

How to play Dark Force quickly at New88

If you want to have fun and enjoy the exciting Dark Force slot game, you need to follow the steps below exactly:

  • Step 1: Visit the New88 bookmaker’s homepage to log in to your existing game account. Or if you don’t have one, select “Register now” to quickly create a new playing account.
  • Step 2: Deposit money into the game to ensure the betting level regulations can be participated in at the playground.
  • Step 3: Enter the game lobby, select the title “Dark Force” in the slots game lobby and start the exciting conquest.

The information shared by New88 about Spin the Dark Force slot has partly brought to you guys an interesting and unique game. We hope that this top-notch betting game that easily hits the jackpot can bring bettors a passionate discovery and earn lots of bonuses.

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