An Authors’ Guide On How To Write Best-Selling Books

If you believe writing a book requires extensive schooling or innate talent, then you are totally wrong. Numerous accomplished writers have achieved success without holding a master’s degree in creative writing, and many aspiring fiction writers have no previous experience in publishing. However, writing a full book can be a daunting endeavor, particularly for new writers. It necessitates persistence, firm ambition, and strong self-discipline.

For even the most successful bestselling authors, the most challenging aspect of the writing process is sometimes just starting with the first page. But if you take one step at a time, writing a book is an achievable objective. In this guide, we will learn the basic simple steps that can help you in your book writing journey. So let’s read on.

A Step-By-Step Guide To Learn The Art Of Book Writing

Find A Peaceful Writing Spot

If you plan to write an amazing book, you need a good and peaceful space to write. It is not necessary to have a soundproof place with mesmerizing views. All you require is a room with no distractions and noise. By working in such a space, you can curate good consistent content. It can be your couch, coffee shop and home office. You just need to ensure that you will remain uninterrupted and will give a good amount of focus for a long duration of time.

Start With Any Idea That Comes In Your Mind

The majority of new writers don’t start crafting their book until or unless they don’t have the entire story in their mind. This is a wrong approach that you should not follow. All great stories and novels start with just a small idea. It could be about any intriguing character, magical setting or scene from the story. Even if you have a piece of dialogue, you can build a strong story around it.

When you sit down to begin your writing journey, you don’t need to worry about the small details. You don’t have to decide the genre, character names and other things at that moment. If you have great ideas in your mind, but lack the skills to change them in compelling words, you can take help from experts who provide writing and book publishing services in the UAE.

Do Proper Outlining Of Your Book

Many successful writers invest ample time in creating outlines before starting to write their books. These outlines can take the form of detailed chapter outlines or beat sheets that plot out each section of the book. Sometimes, they can also be visual maps or diagrams that provide a graphic representation of the complete book-writing journey. Regardless of the approach, what matters most is that you have a roadmap to guide your writing sessions.

Writing without an outline can lead to longer writing times and may negatively impact your book’s quality and reader experience. While not everyone may need an outline, having one will certainly help you write more efficiently and with better quality. Experienced authors understand the value of a book’s outline, as it helps to create an organized book with a clear direction and also overcomes writer’s block during the writing process.

Don’t Forget To Do Extensive Research

Research is a vital tool for expert writers. If you are crafting a non-fiction book, then it is better to spend most of your time in libraries. This can help you in collecting more information and useful data about your story and subject of interest. Research is an important key for fiction authors as well. It can give them creative ideas and character descriptions that they can add to their story. Apart from books, writers can gain knowledge by listening to podcasts or videos related to their subject.

Create A Proper Writing Routine

When writing your first book, it’s important to research, outline, and develop your thoughts and ideas. However, it’s easy to get caught up in preparation and start procrastinating. This is when you need to start writing your rough draft. To do this, you need to establish consistent routines and productive writing habits. There are some simple steps you can take to improve your chances of getting successful.

Even if you’re not as famous as J.K. Rowling or Nicholas Sparks, you should still treat writing like a full-time habit. Set daily word count goals to keep yourself on track, schedule proper writing time in your calendar to avoid skipping it, and ask a fellow writer or family member to hold you accountable by updating them on your progress.

Craft Your First Draft

When you write your first draft, there will be lots of emotions that you encounter. You have to be prepared, as you can face a lack of motivation, writer’s block and self-doubt. Whenever you will you are out of ideas; the best way is to go back to our research and outline to find inspiration. It is crucial to remember that you won’t become a bestselling author by just writing your first book. This is why you should not compare yourself with top authors.

Invest A Good Amount Of Time On Revision And Editing

Every famous and well-written book goes through multiple revisions and proofreading sessions. You can do the editing process yourself or hire a book writing website that provides editing and book writing services. Either way, you have to keep a great focus and a keen eye on detail. Look for misplaced words, complex sentences and grammatical errors. If you are a fiction writer, then you should try to identify plot holes, inconsistencies and gaps in the story.

Publish Your Book On Suitable Platforms

Once you are done with your book writing, now comes publishing which is the last step of the journey. You get the option to choose between traditional and self-publishing. There are now many online reading platforms like Amazon or Kindle where you can submit your book. However, if you opt for the traditional method, then first you have to give a proposal and then follow the instructions provided by the publishing house.


There is no certain path that you need to follow to become a famous author. Every writer has a different journey to create compelling content. However, there are a few steps and habits that are followed by many popular authors. This includes researching the topic, starting with a small idea, doing proper outlining, writing the first draft and most importantly, proofreading. We hope after reading this guide, you are all ready to showcase your skills as an expert writer.

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