Netgear Orbi QoS: How to Get Benefitted from it?

Orbi mesh WiFi system is one of the best devices manufactured by Netgear. Orbi system houses several remarkable features that take users’ internet experiences to the next level. This particular post talks about QoS, one of the best services offered by Orbi. What is QoS and how to enable it via the Orbi Netgear login page to begin using its services? All of this has been clearly mentioned in the upcoming sections. Go on reading ahead to learn more about it.

QoS on Netgear Orbi System: Explained

QoS, short for Quality of Service is the bandwidth allocation feature on your networking device. The bandwidth is assigned to the devices according to the requirement thereby managing network traffic wisely.

For example, there are two devices connected to your Orbi network. On one device, you are simply listening to music while on the other device, you are playing games online. The bandwidth requirement for the second device will be more, of course.

If you have enabled QoS, you will have a smoother gaming experience as it will assign more bandwidth to the device that is used for online gaming. This prioritizes network traffic as per the bandwidth requirements.

We hope you are now clear about QoS. Let us now tell you the process using which you can enable it on your Netgear Orbi system.

Netgear Orbi Quality of Service: How to Enable?

The steps to get this feature enabled on your Netgear Orbi device are given below:

1.    Verify the Connections

The very first step is to verify the connection between the router and the modem. As the router gets its input signals from the modem, the connection between the two devices ought to be secure. Orbi pink light is an indication that the router is not properly connected to the internet gateway or the modem. Hence make sure your Orbi router does not light in pink color.

If the connection is wireless then make sure to maintain an appropriate distance between the devices. On the other hand, if the devices are connected using a cable, ensure using a good cable and make a firm connection.

2.    Access the Network

The devices, i.e. the modem and router should be properly booted up. Next, get your computer or laptop connected to the Orbi’s network. You can connect to its WiFi or use a LAN cable. It’s completely your choice. The internet connection should be stable.

3.    Log in to Router

Now, load up a search engine of your preference on your computer and visit by inserting the URL in the location bar. You can also use or the default IP address to reach the login page of the Orbi router. Use the admin details next to log in to the Orbi device.

4.    Enable QoS

Now that you are logged in to your Orbi device, you will reach the admin portal or the dashboard. This is also known as the Basic Home screen. Here, click on the Advanced tab. Next, select the option named Wireless Settings. A new page named Advanced Wireless Settings will be displayed.

Under Advanced Settings (2.4GHz b/g/n/ax), select the Enable WMM(WiFi multimedia) checkbox. This enables QoS for the 2.4GHZ WiFi band.

To enable QoS for the 5GHz band, follow the same steps and select the respective checkbox.

After you are done making the required changes, click on Save to apply the changes.

Netgear Orbi Quality of Service feature is now enabled on your Orbi devic

In the End

This is all about how you can enable QoS on your Orbi router. In case you face any issues while executing the process, then try to complete the process once again from scratch. But make sure you are using the updated web browser and clear its cache and cookies first. Also, disable any VPN if enabled on your computer. Now you can begin enjoying its services on different clent devices in your home.

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