What Are Your Options for Booth Builders in Amsterdam?

If you’re looking to exhibit at one of the many trade shows and conferences held in Amsterdam each year, choosing the right booth builder is an important decision. As a major exhibition hub, Amsterdam attracts thousands of exhibitors annually. Being the capital and the largest city of the Netherlands gives Amsterdam an edge.

With so many competitors vying for attention on the show floor, exhibition stand design in Amsterdam plays a key role in capturing attendees. Here are some of the top options to consider when sourcing a booth builder in Amsterdam.

Expo Stand Zone:

One of the leading websites for stand builders in the world Expo Stand Zone has also operating in Amsterdam for over 20 years. They have provided their services to build stands at almost every major exhibition venue in the city including the RAI Convention Centre. Their experienced partners with the in-house team include designers, engineers, carpenters, and electricians who work together to deliver custom stands on time and within budget.

Expo Stand Zone starts every project with in-depth consultations to understand each client’s unique objectives, brand values, and budget. After understanding every aspect of the client Expo Stand Zone provide a list of the top 5 trade show booth builders in Amsterdam. The client can choose any of them according to their unique needs and requirements.

Using the latest 3D visualization software, they work collaboratively to refine design concepts until the perfect stand solution is agreed upon. Allowing structures to be reconfigured or expanded for the future shows their modular build systems reduce long-term costs.

Once complete, stands built by their partners are not only visually striking but also sturdy enough to withstand high foot traffic. Only FSC-certified sustainable woods and recyclable materials are used in construction.

On-site during build-up and dismantling, their crew ensures stands go together seamlessly the first time. With 24/7 support even after events, Expo Stand Zone provides excellent peace of mind for international clients.

Triumfo International GmbH:

Another top option for Amsterdam exhibition builders is Triumfo International GmbH. Operating across Europe, they bring over 20 years of industry experience to each project. Their large workshop facilities allow multiple stands to be constructed simultaneously.

A skilled team of designers, engineers, and production staff work with clients to fully understand exhibition objectives right down to budget details. Advanced 3D renderings are used at the conceptual stage to visualize stand ideas while exploring layout efficiencies. Their custom-built exhibition stand contractors in Amsterdam are suitable for various hall specifications and provide maximum return on investment over multiple years and events.

For construction, Triumfo uses sustainably sourced, FSC-certified wood products and recyclable rigging hardware. Late-night deliveries ensure stands transport smoothly to event sites. On-location technicians are available for customer support throughout the build and dismantle periods.

To continually improve Triumfo never gives up on learning, even after the event, they collect valuable feedback from the client. They then store or refurbish modular units for reuse. Exceptional before and after-sales care has earned Triumfo International GmbH top ratings over several platforms.

Radon SP ZOO:

Another reputable exhibition stand builder in Amsterdam that exhibitors can trust is Radon SP ZOO. More than a decade of experience at major exhibition venues in Amsterdam provides invaluable expertise.

Starting with in-depth research into event guidelines and hall restrictions for every project Radon SP ZOO proposes optimal stand concepts by matching previous success stories to client needs. State-of-the-art 3D/VR modeling tools allow exhibits to be trialed and fine-tuned virtually first.  

Rigorous quality control exists at all stages of woodworking, welding, painting, and assembly in-house. Only eco-friendly, flame-retardant materials receive certification approvals. Modular construction eases transport, builds, and pack downs efficiently.

On-site Radon support technicians manage installations seamlessly. Post-show they collect useful lead data and refit units for future redeployments.

Trusted by a growing multinational customer base for loyalty, Radon strives to deliver ‘wow factor’ stands on schedule and funds. Award-winning reputation proves this stand builder still leads with passion after over a decade in the industry.

Other Options:

While the above three companies certainly top Amsterdam options, there are some other reputable builders to also consider:

  • Van der Vlist Exhibitbouw – Over 50 years constructing unique customized stands built to last. Expertise includes virtual/hybrid solutions.
  • Eurostands – Versatile builder with stores across Europe. Offers modular systems for simplified transportation and reconfiguration year after year.
  • Strandline – Young and innovative company specializing in fabrication, LED walls, rentals, and service. For meeting sustainable exhibit requirements it is one of the top choices in Amsterdam.
  • Xhibition – Full-service provider handling design, production, logistics, and on-site support. Large in-house team for multiple simultaneous projects. 
  • Plug and Play Stands – Budget-friendly rental and purchase options including portable booths and counters. Good for one-off smaller exhibitors.


There are several excellent local trade show companies in Amsterdam. Throughout the city, these contractors are 100% capable of delivering high-quality, customized exhibition stands.

To ensure a smooth and successful exhibit experience choosing an experienced provider is crucial. They give access to industry knowledge, state-of-the-art facilities, modular stand systems, and superior on-site support services.

Considering options like Expo Stand Zone, Triumfo International GmbH, Radon SP ZOO, and the others mentioned provides international companies multi-award winning choices to represent their brands proudly on Amsterdam’s busy show floors.

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