Sicbo, also known as Sicbo, is one of the popular games because of its simplicity, but not everyone has experience playing Sic Bo to beat the house. Nhà cái new88 Please share some tips and strategies to win at sicbo


Sicbo (骰寶), also known as tai sai (大細), dai siu (大小), big and small or hi-lo (short for High – High and Low – Low, in English). Sic Bo is a game of chance originating from ancient China played with three dice, each with 6 sides, each side with dots from 1-6.


Understand the probability and odds of Sicbo Over/Under betting

The Sic-Bo house edge varies from 2.78% to 30% and includes many types of bets. That’s why it’s so important to know what to play – it’s not just a random guessing game.

Over/Under odds are the key to knowing which bet to play. Some bets are more likely to win than others – that’s obvious, so there are different payout odds.

However, this risk to reward ratio is not consistent across all betting options. Some are simply worse than others, which is reflected in the fact that the player advantage of the bet types is not the same.

Long-term strategy for playing Sic Bo: bet even

If you study the SicBo charts of player advantage and payouts, you will quickly realize that even bets dominate prominently.

For those who are new to the game, simply betting even means that when you win, you will receive double the bet. For example, when a player bets on even – odd, big – small.

All 4 of these options offer a 1:1 profit and a 97.22% player advantage. The only things that are close to equal are single bets and combination bets. Bets on Over, Under, Odd, Even always pay 1:1. That’s why this is always a “safe” choice. No matter which table you are using, you can rest assured that the house edge is as small as possible.

Choose the sicbo Sic Bo casino with the best odds

Depending on each lobby, sicbo over/under has different payout rates. For example, for any triple bet, Sicbo live casino AG will have a payout of 180:1, different from Macau’s 150:1. At New88 you can easily choose for yourself the hall with the highest payout rate.

Concentrate your bets in your strategy. If you don’t plan to bet on threes then the payout difference of 150 or 180 won’t matter.

If you want to play Over/Under and win: don’t be afraid to use the house’s promotions

There is no way to really beat the house when playing Sicbo Sic Bo because the person you need to win is yourself, the initial amount of money you have. Don’t trust any scammers who promise to beat the house 100% because the legitimate bookie is a corporation, not an individual paying for your winnings out of pocket.

Players will only win with themselves, using effective tactics and strategies so that the amount deposited grows higher than the initial amount. The simplest way to do so is to use free bonuses or promotions from the bookmaker. If even a small portion of the bonus still meets the wagering requirements, it means you have managed to overcome the limit. At least as long as the bounty lasts. Promotions, rebates or similar incentives can also limit your casino losses.
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Many bookmakers currently do not apply experience programs or if they do, they limit the number of betting rounds or need to deposit money. But bookmaker New88 is currently giving away a free 88K promotion code without depositing, with a flat withdrawal of up to 3 million VND without requiring a deposit to withdraw the winning amount.

Manage capital and finances when playing Sic Bo

Winning strategies for playing sicbo are also quite flexible. For example, you can also divide the amount of money you set aside to play Sic Bo for this time, set a reasonable goal, after each winning game, increase the bet amount by 2. If you lose, play from the amount you set aside. smallest in your plan. As long as you have enough budget keep doing so to ensure big winnings.


In addition, knowing when to give up and knowing when to stop is an essential skill for any gambler. Remember, don’t lose more than you have. Bookmaker New88 wishes to provide a responsible entertainment and money-making playground, wishing members luck and victory!

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