What is vibrating odds, how to play vibrating odds effectively and easily

What is shaking odds? is one of the basic knowledge you need to master when participating in soccer betting. Only when you understand the football teams and related bets will you have the opportunity to receive attractive rewards from bookmaker New88.com.

What is shaking odds information?

Flutter odds are the type of bet where you have to race against time because it is only valid and active during a short period of time in the middle of the match. If you want to play this type of bet, you must think quickly, be decisive and bet immediately.

According to the house’s regulations, you can place bets on the main 90 minutes of the match, extra time and extra time. During this time, the betting order will appear on the player’s screen interface. Vibrating bets only appear for a few minutes, so if you’re slow, you won’t have a chance.

How to recognize shaking bets easily and quickly

As mentioned above, shaking bets only appear during the match. Meanwhile, with other types of bets, you can proactively bet before the match takes place. The advantage of shaking bets is that they have a high payout ratio, which can help you get your money back if you accidentally bet on the wrong door before the match takes place.

Usually, bookmakers will arrange the shake bet to run alongside the Over/Under bet, meaning the betting result does not depend on the win or loss score of the match. You only need to place a standard bet during the time specified by the odds, for example the first 10 minutes of the first half.

How to read odds correctly at the bookmaker

Besides the issue of what shaking odds are, you must know how to read this type of odds correctly. We will go into a specific example between the two top clubs MU and MC. For example, when you are watching the match and the score is 0-1, the command that appears on the screen is over/under 1.5. So there will be 2 cases that can happen:

  • Over: If the match has 2 more goals, the person who bet on Over will receive a reward.
  • Under: If the match maintains the same score or there is one more goal, the person who bet on Under will receive a reward.

Flutter odds will bring a 50% chance of winning, so it is popular with many bettors. If you have the opportunity to watch the match live, you can absolutely consider this type of bet.

Experts share what is the secret to playing vibrating odds?

Although shaking bets bring attractive rewards, they are not easy to play. Please refer to the experience of professional bettors.
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Choose a match you understand thoroughly

You should only bet on matches that you understand, at least you must know the basic information: form, ranking of each team, stars, etc. The more you understand about the match, the more likely you are to bet. The higher your standard bet. Instead of spreading your money across many different matches, it’s best to just focus on matches that you understand well.

Play a lot of shaking odds if you are new

New bettors should bet on many different bets. This will help new players gain experience and increase their winning rate. On the contrary, experienced players can accumulate capital and bet on a single bet. Besides, you should not bet on multiple bets with the same time frame, this will cause you to lose focus and make the wrong bet.

Determine the capital source for betting

Before the match takes place, you need to determine how much money you can spend on the bet. This helps you avoid spending inflation, leading to empty pockets. Besides, you should also set a winning limit for yourself, do not bet all your winnings because you win a lot.

Place bets at the appropriate time in the match

According to the experience of bettors, you should play shaky bets at the beginning of the first and second half. This is the time when the players of the two teams are most energetic, closely following the coach’s strategy.

At the same time, many bettors also estimate that the chance of winning the bet in the second half will be higher than the first half. At this point, you will understand the performance ability of each team, so your prediction will be closer to reality.


Through this article, you can somewhat understand what shaking odds are and how to catch shaking odds effectively. Overall, this is a type of bet worth trying if you have time to watch the match live. Surely you will realize many interesting points from this type of bet, it will give you the opportunity to win big even if you mistakenly place the bet before the match.

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