Basketball betting | How to play to easily win

Over the past decade, basketball has become the leading sport in the US and many countries. In Vietnam, basketball is also starting to attract many people’s attention.
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The NBA tournament is a tournament that can be said to gather all the favorite teams, where top matches are shown that if you are passionate about this subject, you should not miss it.

Now let’s learn how to bet on basketball in detail in the article below.

What is basketball betting?

Basketball is known as the king sport in the US with the biggest tournament being the NBA, which brings together big names, and is the place where many names such as Michael Jordan, Larry Bird, and Larry Bird made history. Bill Russell, Kobe Bryant or LeBron James.

This article will focus on basic information when betting on NBA basketball. The seemingly eternal NBA season begins in late October and the Finals take place in early July every year.

The long season provides many opportunities for players to bet many times, but before you can bet on basketball, you – new players entering this game – must understand the rules of the game and how to play. to bet.

Other tournaments will in principle have similar gameplay and scoring methods. This article discusses the different types of basketball betting that the biggest basketball tournament on the planet NBA offers, including: Spread bets, Money bets, Cross bets, Set bets, 1st half / 1st half, Round 1 and Futures Contracts.

Game originsbasketball betting

Sometimes basketball bettors don’t know that the game of basketball was formed and developed quite early, around the last years of the 19th century.

In terms of history, the game begins with a fruit basket tied to the railing of the classroom by a teacher.

He then asked his students to throw a ball at it. One year later the game was officially organized into a competition.

Basketball rules

Before explaining how to bet on basketball, we must know the rules of this game.

A basketball match takes place with two teams playing. Each team will have 12 players with five directly playing on the field and the rest sitting on the bench to replace when needed.

A match takes place with 4 main rounds, each of which has a different length depending on the organizers.

For the National Basketball Association – NBA regulations, each half lasts 12 minutes. Meanwhile, FIBA ​​stipulates that each match lasts 10 minutes.

There will be a short break between rounds. For the break between the first and second halves it is five minutes and between the third and fourth halves it is 15 minutes.

So we will have a basketball match time of about 68 minutes, which is more than an hour, unless something unusual happens.

(1) How to calculate competition points

When a player successfully puts the ball into the basket, points will be awarded to the team. Depending on the distance from the throw to the basket, the number of points will range from one to three points.

  • In case of scoring from a free throw, one point is counted
  • In case a point is scored from a throw-in, one point is counted
  • In case a point is scored from behind the goal line (7.24 meters to the basket) or from between the end of the court and the touchline, three points are counted.

In addition, the game also has a three-second rule, which means a penalty is given to any player who is in the other team’s free-throw position for more than three seconds.

The two-step rule limits the amount of time a player can hold the ball. When they have the ball in hand, they are only allowed to move two steps and are forced to throw the ball to a teammate or go to the basket, otherwise they will be penalized.

Since this is a game where the ball is used with the hands, any non-hand contact with the ball will be penalized. When competing for the ball, accidental collisions will still be considered valid.

Basketball betting rules

Because each basketball match takes place for a minimum period of 43 minutes, if the match is postponed or stopped, bets will be calculated based on the score at the time of announcement of the end, even if it is later. whether to continue playing or not.

Bets are still considered valid if the bet is completed even if the match is interrupted for any reason. In this case the player still has a chance to win.

For example, if an NBA basketball match is postponed in the fourth round, the bets in the first three rounds will still be calculated and maintained without any changes.

For basketball betting bets on the entire match, the total bet on the last two periods or the last half bet will include the score and overtime.

Forms of bettingbasketball betting

(1) Handicap betting

As you also know, except for the case of virtual basketball betting, with two teams created by algorithms and randomly running match results, any match between two teams in real life is there is a stronger team and a weaker team.

This applies not only to basketball games but also to almost all sports. That’s why we have a type of bet that applies to this case. That’s called handicap betting.

Handicap betting is sometimes even more popular than other types of bets. A sophisticated player always knows how to conquer this bet.

Handicap betting was born to restore balance to this game. In case the player bets on the stronger team, the bonus amount received if he wins the bet will be less than in the case where the player bets on the weaker team and that team wins.
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This basketball betting method sounds pretty fair, right? And handicap bets are also divided into money handicaps and point handicaps.

(2) Total bet

Another form of betting that is also quite famous is total betting. With this form of betting, players do not bet on a single team for the entire season.

They don’t even care who won or lost the match or how many goals were scored. The only important thing is the score after summarizing the competition season.

This way of betting on basketball does not go into deep analysis of each match or each team, but rather the final performance results after the season ends.

Usually, total betting will favor over/under betting, which means more or less than a number announced by the bookmaker.

(3) Over/Under Betting

Over/under betting is a way to bet on whether the total score of a match or set is more (over) or less (under) compared to the house’s prescribed level.

If your basketball betting prediction is correct, the reward rate will be 1 to 1 because the winning rate is divided equally between the two bets.

(4) Odd Even Bet

Similar to betting on over/under, basketball bettors can also bet on whether the match score, each round or the total of two rounds will be even or odd. The payout ratio is also 1-1.

(5) Future Betting

Similar to futures contracts in derivatives, futures betting is a form of betting that takes place before the start of the competition season.

Players choose this season’s champion. For example, betting on the winner of the Play-off match or the best player of the season…

Because the probability of winning is low, the value of this prize is extremely high. To win, players must not only be lucky but also knowledgeable about this game.

How to playbasketball betting at Nhà cái uy tín

To participate in basketball betting at the houseNhà cái uy tín Then players need to create a gaming account for themselves.

(1) Instructions for creating a gaming account

Creating a gaming account is completely free and can be done in just three simple steps:

Step 1: Visit the Nhà cái uy tín homepage and select the Nhà cái uy tín account registration button in the upper right corner of the screen. If you do not know how to register for a Nhà cái uy tín account, you can go here for detailed instructions:REGISTER FOR A Nhà cái uy tín ACCOUNT

Step two: Fill in account information (including login name and login password)

Third step: Confirm information and select the register button.

(2) Deposit money into game wallet

After being created, the account needs to be funded. Players can refer to the following ways to deposit money:

Step 1: Log in to your newly created account and select deposit money in the account information section

Second step: Choose your desired deposit method, including:

  • Deposit via bank account (with most major banks in Vietnam) =>INSTRUCTIONS FOR DEPOSIT MONEY INTO Nhà cái uy tín THROUGH BANK
  • Top up via e-wallet (momo or zalo pay).
  • Deposit via cryptocurrency. =>HOW TO DEPOSIT MONEY TO Nhà cái uy tín WITH CRYPTOCURRENCY

Step three: Fill in the amount to deposit and get the dealer’s payment information to make payment.

Fourth step: Save payment information and confirm with the dealer

(3) Instructions on how to bet

After the deposit is completed, the player returns to the house’s homepage orNhà cái uy tín gaming application on the phone.

Next, players choose their favorite game hall, at Nhà cái uy tín there are hallssports betting games such as: CMD365, MAXBET, Nhà cái uy tínSPORTS. Choose different basketball betting games from the world’s leading game providers.

Players choose their favorite game and proceed to choose the desired bet amount. After checking the correct number, the player selects confirmation to complete the basketball betting process.

Some basketball betting experiences

(1) Take time to learn the game

Learning about the game as well as betting methods and payback rates of bets helps players get a comprehensive picture of the game.

From there, map out your own tactics, strategies, and game plans. Players can from there develop their strengths.

For example, if you are good at statistical probability, you can use information about the game to calculate predictions.

(2) Learn about the team

Certain knowledge because the game also gives you knowledge about the competing team. Unless you play virtual basketball betting, the win/loss ratio between the two teams is the same created by the algorithm.

Once entering the actual competition, between the two teams there will be one team with a stronger advantage. That could be home field advantage or the appearance of talents and big names, for example.

So learning about the team helps you determine which team is the upper bet, which team is the lower bet… to increase your chances of winning basketball betting higher.

(3) Manage gaming funds effectively

Sports betting in general and basketball betting in particular is an intellectual game, requiring careful calculation in addition to luck.

To be able to manage your gaming fund well, you need to set out a minimum and maximum bet level for yourself.

At the same time as drawing up such a plan, you must definitely comply with your own regulations and principles.

Never choose to bet all on a single match or team when you have not thoroughly researched them.

(4) Find a reputable and safe bookmaker

A reputable and safe bookmaker can support you a lot during the gaming process. From the moment you create a gaming account until you place a bet and receive a bonus.

This process sounds simple, but for many people, they were scammed right from the account creation stage. Player information is easily stolen by spontaneous systems that are not designed securely.

In addition, online scammers are rife, users who deposit money will no longer be able to see the website.

There are also cases where players deposit money, bet successfully, and win the bonus, but when they withdraw money, they cannot.

That said, choosing a reputable house is the top goal that any basketball bettor should pay attention to.

So through the article above, players have had some basic and necessary information about the sport of basketball and how to place basketball bets at Nhà cái uy tín.

Hopefully, with the above information designed to help members grasp the basic principles of investing in sports, you will win.

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