Baccarat – An easy-to-understand guide to playing the game for beginners

Have you ever heard of an online card game calledBaccarat Not yet? This is an online game that many people want to participate in. What is this game? How to play? If you have questions about this article, please refer to this article by Nhà cái uy tín.
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What is Baccarat?

What is the Baccarat card game that many people ask and are interested in? This game is also known by many different names, including scratch cards. Regardless of the name, this is a game chosen by many people around the world and is always the most attractive game among the games.casino.

This card game uses four to eight decks of cards, each containing 52 shuffled cards.Baccarat is a comparison game between the player and the dealer, not between the players. Each game usually has only three outcomes: the player wins, the house wins, or a draw. Each player only needs to think carefully when betting on the door they want to choose to achieve the best results, everything else is taken care of by the house.

The player and dealer will be dealt a maximum of three cards. The side whose maximum score is closest to 9 wins.

Basic way to play Baccarat

Basic gameplay at 8LIVE is as follows:


In the gameBaccarat, the player bets on one of three doors on the table. This means:

  • Player: Bet on the player who wins.
  • Banker: You bet the house will win.
  • Tie: Bet that the player and dealer have the same score.

After the player places a bet, the dealer will deal two cards to the player and the dealer. In this way, a decisive battle of the players will take place. Therefore, the player who bets on the door with the highest score and closest to the number 9 will win.
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How to calculate points

Baccarat is played in Western style with 52 cards. The scoring rules of this game are:

  • 1 card = 1 point.
  • 10, J, Q, K = 0 points.
  • The scores of the cards 2-9 correspond to the values ​​printed on each card.

If the total calculated score is 10 points higher than this total score. All you have to do now is take the units digit and enter the tens digit.

For example: If the total score is 14 points, it will be counted as 4 points.

At first glance, the gameplay is no different from the common 3-card scratch card game in Vietnam. That’s basically it, but it plays a little differently. Specifically, instead of all players playing their cards the same, there is only one dealer. Baccarat then allows you to choose between 3 bets, as follows:

  • Player’s house – Door on the left
  • Banker – Door on the right
  • Hoa door (Tie) – Middle door

Once you know which is the dealer and which is the dealer, the next step will be similar to playing normal 3-card scratch cards. The dealer will distribute a maximum of 3 cards evenly to the players. Please bet on 1 of the 3 doors above. To distinguish between wins and losses, we will determine by the number of buttons displayed on the card. The score button is no different from playing scratch cards, there are three results: win-lose-draw, the highest score is 9 points.

Instructions for playing Baccarat

8LIVE guides the steps to participate in the game as follows:

Step 1: Bet

When playing cardsbaccarat To start, the player bets on 1 of 3 doors: Player, Banker, Tie for about 20-30 seconds. When placing a bet, you just need to move the betting chip to the corresponding hand you placed the bet on.

Step 2: Deal the cards

After placing the bet, the dealer will deal the cards. The Player and Banker are dealt two cards, each dealt two cards in the order of dealing first to the player, then to the banker. In addition, the dealer will leave 2 cards to deal after the cards are face up. If no cards are drawn, the next two cards will be dealt in the next hand.

Step 3: Announce the total score

After dealing the cards, the dealer calculates the total score of the 2 doors and 2 cards. Inbaccarat, If two cards in the bet are close to or equal to 9, the player who bet on that hand is considered the winner. Card playing rules are applied based on the ratio at the beginning of the card.

Step 4: Win “naturally”

If the total score of the first 2 Player or Banker cards is 8 or 9, the hand will also win. Therefore, a player who bets on Player winning 8 or 9 points will be counted as winning the bet and will receive the bet.

Step 5: Draw more cards (if necessary)

If the total score of the player’s two cards is from 0 to 5, he draws another card. If your total score is between 6 and 7 points, you must play against the dealer instead of drawing cards. On the dealer’s side, the card drawing rules are more complicated. In this method, the dealer must make the decision to draw the next card himself, depending on the player’s score.

Step 6: Payment

After the dealer draws the third card, the dealer also calculates the total score of the three cards to determine whether the player wins or loses. So, you win if you bet a total of 3 cards that score 8 or 9 points.


The above article explains in detailBaccarat What is it and how to play it so that readers can easily relate. Hopefully this article of 8LIVE has provided useful information for readers.

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