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The slot game Ong Do New88 is popular with many bettors because of its traditional Vietnamese graphics, bringing a lucky Tet atmosphere. This slot game is super simple, with high rewards, anyone who likes online betting can participate. Bookmaker Nhà cái New88 will reveal from A – Z how to play this game hereNew88, pocket some great tips to win.

Rules of New88 jackpot exploding game

Ong Do New88 is a super suitable slot game for Tet, provided by the most famous slot game manufacturers. The game interface will have 5 columns, 3 rows and many different payment levels. The player’s goal is to create lines with identical symbols such as apricot blossoms, chrysanthemums, golden blocks, grandfathers, etc.

With 243 bonus lines with different rates, this slot game attracts thousands of players to experience every day. When spinning the pot, there will be lively sounds and sharp, continuously jumping images that are extremely interesting.

After spinning and winning, the screen will display congratulations and add the bonus to the playing wallet. The total number of bonus coins is calculated as follows, for example, if the player spins 3 lucky money envelopes, the ratio is x6, the player bets 30 coins and will receive a total reward of 180 coins.

Advantages of exploding the New88 map

Ong Do New88 jackpot is highly appreciated by many bettors for its interface and top reward rates today, bringing players a series of outstanding benefits:

  • The visual interface and sharp 3D graphic icons, imbued with Tet atmosphere, make players feel joyful and happy.
  • Diverse payout rates and high probability of winning the jackpot help you get a large amount of money with only a very small initial capital.
  • The rules are simple, the website loads extremely fast, betting is reputable, and payout results are transparent so players can rest assured.
  • Players are free to choose the bet level from 10 coins, 1000 coins, 10,000 coins… to suit the budget of new players participating for the first time.

Instructions for playing New88 slot game

Participating in the New88 jackpot slot game is extremely simple, you just need a device with an internet connection and deposit money into your New88 wallet to participate. Specifically, just follow the 4 steps below and you can spin your bet:

  • Step 1: Players register/log in at the official link New88 with phone number. The next time you play, you can save information to log in automatically more conveniently.
  • Step 2: Deposit money into New88 wallet to exchange coins to spin the lottery, unlimited deposit amount and deposit channel, supports many methods such as Internet banking, E-wallet, Scratch card…
  • Step 3: On the home page interface, select Slot game → Choose any game hall, click on the Ong Do slot game and proceed to place bets and spin the slot.
  • Step 4: If you win the jackpot, the New88 dealer will notify and add the bonus money directly to the New88 wallet, the player can withdraw to their account immediately.

Some tips for playing Jackpot

In fact, playing Mr. Do New88 is not difficult, the way to participate is similar to other online slot games, only the visual interface is more novel.

Because it does not require much thinking and has high betting rewards, this game attracts many bettors to participate. Players must pocket some of the following tips to win.

Choose a large bonus game hall

If you are still not proficient in betting and predicting the probability of winning the jackpot, you should choose games with large rewards and professional players to bet on. In the game lobby, there will be an online chat feature so players can exchange opinions and seek advice from everyone to make it easier to win.
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Choose a reasonable recording time

The time when there are the most players playing Ong Do New88 is at noon or evening, this is the break time, the number of players increases so you limit competition. Bettors should choose quiet times such as morning and afternoon office hours to have a higher chance of winning the pot.

Use capital appropriately

Smart players must know how to use the New88 jackpot betting capital appropriately. In the first games, when you bet less, you may be lucky to win, but there is no certainty that if you bet more you will win. In some cases, using all your capital leads to nothing, so you should divide it into smaller parts to participate in more games.

How to play Ong Do New88, revealed in detail above, will help you have super interesting hours of entertainment and relaxation. Bookmaker New88 always updates new slot games with great graphics and high betting rewards for you to easily experience.

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