This Heritage Park in Delhi is A Perfect Replacement For your Regular Picnic Spots

People of Delhi, we know that you are quite bored with the old and normal picnic spots present in Delhi like Lodhi Garden and Indraprastha Park as I am sure that you have visited these parks a number of times and now, you no longer want to visit these parks again. People want to visit some new places to explore more and get some new Insta-worthy pics to rejuvenate themselves and have a fun Sunday outing with their friends and family members.

Well, the wait has now ended as Delhi is now home to a newly re-structured and reconstructed heritage park where people can now visit and have a very awesome time with their friends and family members. The newly fangled picnic spot has been created by the Central Public Works Department and the Archaeological Survey of India is now known as Sunder Nursery where residents of Delhi can not only go for a picnic but also to see and experience the vast heritage of the state.

Sunder Nursery: The Restored Architectural Ruins

Sunder Nursery Delhi has been a part of Delhi for a long time as the park has a history dating back to the 16th century but, wear and tear over the years has left the park in ruins which is why the CPWD and the Archaeological survey of India picked up the duty to completely change the structure of the park while maintaining the authenticity of the place.

The park is home to some 16th-century monuments that have been graced with UNESCO world heritage site status. The park is also home to some of the most authentic and rare flora like a rose garden and a variety of prismatic flowers. The lush green garden is also equipped with a shimmering lake alongside which people can sit and have some peace and quiet.

Where is the park located and how can you visit it?

Transpiration near the place like the nearest metro to sunder nursery is one of the biggest concerns of people as they want easier access to the park with the help of the public transport system present in Delhi. Well, the park is located just next to the Humayun’s Tomb in the New Delhi district.

If you are interested in visiting this spectacular wonder then, you can easily reach the place with your private vehicle as well as the public transportation of Delhi. People with their private vehicles have permission to park their vehicles in the parking created near the premises and if you are looking for the nearest metro station then, that will be JLN stadium on the violet line. There are also a few bus stands near the park that you can use to reach the park.

What are the timings as well as ticket prices of sunder Nursery?

Now that you know about the nearest metro station to sunder nursery, the other important details that you need to know about the place are the timings and the ticket prices.

The place opens at 7 am on all days as there are no days on which the heritage park is closed. However, the closing time of the place changes depending on the month that you visit the place. The park is open till 7 pm in the summer months of April to September while it will only remain open till 6 pm for the rest of the year.

The entry fee of the place is also not very high as you only need to pay Rs 35 to buy the ticket of the place. Children below 12 and above 5 will be accepted in the park with only a ticket of Rs 15.

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