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Play Lieng Sometimes the tree has big cards and sometimes small cards, so how to maximize winning points and minimize losses. This depends a lot on the player’s personal experience and skills. Below will be an article sharing how to play Lieng most effective of New88 But it’s important that you know how to step back and forth at the right time to be most effective.
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If you do not know the rules of the game, you can refer to the tutorial article below – game rules Lieng To better understand this card game.

In the game, there are always winners and losers, in card games there are always red and black times. So what basic skills do you need to be able to win the game in as many matches as possible? There are a few skills that players Lieng Need to practice:

You need to maintain a stable mentality

During games Lieng, the most important thing is to stay calm and maintain a stable mentality, because this is what card players need and is the difference between card players and ordinary players. Not only because of a few black hands, you are angry, this makes your opponent understand your psychology. So sometimes their cards are small, they bet to scare you but you are still scared by them because they have caught your psychology.

Many times their cards are big but they don’t raise, they just follow along waiting for their prey to fall into the trap. As long as someone makes a complaint, they naturally fall into their trap. Therefore, psychological stability is the first important thing that determines your win/loss ratio. If you have a strong mind, you won’t be intimidated by them. It’s a game of heads, so just act normal no matter how big or small your cards are.

Take note of the biggest taboos when playing Lieng or other types of cards, avoid getting angry and cursing. No matter how well you play, when you’re angry, you’re likely to encounter black cards, so just keep smiling, no matter how big or small the cards are!

You need to be extremely careful

To avoid losing too much when playing Lieng It’s best to be careful because your cards are high but their cards can be higher, this is also the reason why many card players leave empty-handed. You need to consider carefully before “letting go” to check whether your hand is really the highest, whether your opponent is threatening you or not, this is very difficult to grasp when playing cards.

Your opponents, like you, do not know whether their opponent’s cards are big or small, whether they are calling to scare or raise for real, so you should be careful in how you play your cards.

In the game table Lieng You notice that some players play face down with small cards, and they call with big cards. You should be wary of this player because they rarely raise, but when they raise it is a big raise, it is also possible that their cards are big, but to win the small amount of money they bet at the beginning, it is probably not worth making them take the risk. like that, unless they don’t have much money left.

Use reasonable tactics

Playing strategy Lieng online is the fundamental difference between normal players and experts, having a strategy when encountering bad cards is a way to help you minimize losses to the lowest possible level.

When you encounter a small problem, you can choose 2 simple ways to solve the problem:

Method 1: The simplest way is to show your cards face down. However, if your cards are small and you continue to face them continuously, it will be easy for the opponent to catch your psychology, so you can choose method 2.

Method 2: You raise to scare, sometimes your hand is not necessarily the smallest or maybe your hand is small, the opponent’s hand is then even smaller, you bet a little to see how they react. If your opponent’s hand is big, you can raise more so you can put it face down to avoid a direct fight, minimize the risk, and can also deceive your opponent’s psychology so they don’t know when your hand is big and when your hand is weak. small.

Many players, as soon as they enter the table, sit down and bet straight away because they know that the people at the table don’t know if their cards are really big or if they are threatening them. So put all the cards face down, however, raise continuously if you meet a player Lieng hard, you will suffer heavy damage.
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You should stop before the abyss when playing Lieng

Not everyone can do this when playing Lieng, when two experts compete, in the end there is a winner and a loser. During the process of playing Lieng with your opponent, you can feel the power of experience and the toughness of your opponent. So when you encounter strong opponents that are difficult for you to defeat, you should avoid that opponent and find opponents that are easier to beat!

So, above are the fighting secrets Lieng Good at helping players win casino New88 synthetic. Hopefully these shares will help you get tips on how to play Lieng Matching brings big wins. Wishing you good luck always!

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